ABOUT THE AUTHORS and Best Selling Books


Tim Moore retired after nearly three decades as a Detective with the Phoenix Police Department and began work on “Mirandized Nation,” the true story of how the Miranda Rights came to be. 

Moore has authored short stories in “The Sharpened Quill,” and in SoWest: Killer Nights,” an award-winning anthology produced by the Desert Sleuths Chapter of Sisters in Crime. 

Tim serves on the boards of the Phoenix Police Museum and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #2. He is also a board member of Desert Sleuths, the Scottsdale chapter of Sisters in Crime, where he’s tasked with helping other authors “write it right” when it comes to police procedures. 

Tim is a member in the International Police Association (IPA) and a long-standing member of the Arizona Historical Society.

He has been married to Laurie Hurd for the past 33 years. She is the great woman behind the good man. They have two adult daughters, Jessa and Jarah. 


Clark Lohr grew up on a remote farm and ranch in Montana. Most of his friends were old men who told good stories. Although Lohr has been thrown off of horses and thrown out of bars, most of his life has been urban and mundane. He writes crime stories, and focuses specifically on “current border noir.”

Lohr’s first published novel, Devil’s Kitchen, is the story of Pima County Sheriff’s Office Detective Manuel Aguilar who investigates an apparently routine murder and finds himself in the middle of a hellish conspiracy between a Mexican drug lord and an Arizona land developer.

Clark’s second novel, The Devil on Eighty-five, published in 2014 under his brand name, Bar ZF Press, is a border noir dealing with the drug wars on the Arizona-Mexico border. When a Tohono O’odham cowboy is accused of murdering his wife, Manuel Aguilar follows a trail running out the west end of the reservation to Ajo, Arizona—and to Arizona State Route 85, a smuggling corridor where guns and money go south and drugs and migrants go north. Evil loves darkness on Highway 85 and the desert itself is the deadliest player in the game. Hopefully they will become best selling books.